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IRMAPP (Intelligent Route Management Application) is an information and communication system consisting of a mobile application and a cloud platform that processes intelligent functions based on the mobility areas. The mobile application is now available for Android and iOS.


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The IRMAPP application is based on Artificial Intelligence and, apart from the interactive characteristics any application has, it stands out for its pro-active features. The application thinks for itself and makes suggestions related to users' mobility.

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The application is able to learn users' mobility habits, identifying where they work, study or even where they do leisure activities, sport, est. In the same way, it learns their displacement habits. This way, IRMAPP can determine users' frequent routes. Mobility habits are registered for the last 21 days. So, if the users changed their locations, their habits would also update. The cloud storage of the users' mobility habits allows the activation of multiple features.

Although the application is able to function worldwide, it is aimed at a markedly local use, providing relevant information in the area about public transport types, events, taxi databases, etc. It is therefore essential the activation of local databases.


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IRMAPP features for car sharing can be either pro-active, this is, on its own initiative, or interactive, on the user's request. In the pro-active option, the application is able to detect users' similar mobility habits and therefore proposes that they share vehicle.

In the interactive option, the user proposes a route to share the vehicle and the application sends an alert to the users who have similar mobility habits.

This action has immediate impact on the environment as it favours fuel consumption saving and reduces contaminant emissions.

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Taxi sharing features provide users with an attractive and affordable offer, allowing them to make their usual displacements even by taxi.

These features are interactive and offers can also be activated by professional taxi drivers who have previously registered in the IRMAPP's database, which will avoid fraudulent offers.

Once the taxi driver sends an offer, the alert is notified to those users who have mobility habits matching the route offered by the taxi driver.

Take the children to the school, go to work or come back home on a Saturday night after spending time with your friends can become quite comfortable with IRMAPP.

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The application analyses the traffic information of the routes that the users regularly takes in their usual displacements and sends an alert in the event of traffic problems detection.

This alert is sent sufficiently in advance to the average time when the usual displacement starts so that the users can modify their routes before starting the displacements and avoid those traffic jams.

Moreover, using Open Data information which is available in Traffic Management Centres enables that the information is rich and reliable even when the IRMAPP number of users is still limited in a determined area.

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The public transport features can be pro-active or interactive too. IRMAPP identifies public transport lines that allow the users to make their usual displacements and sends them a suggestion periodically.

This suggestion is determined by the nearest stop to the first usual movement and by the nearest stop to the final destination.

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The application is an outstanding information and communication channel for private and public organizations to provide information of general interest or about events organized by themselves.

IRMAPP is therefore an optimal way to greatly increase the visibility of public administrations.

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IRMAPP will suggest commercial offers according to your preferences and likes when passing by the local shops and also at a metropolitan level.

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Don't give it another thought and register as client in IRMAPP to enjoy all the benefits and services for clients only!

Depending on the chosen client profile, IRMAPP provides detailed real-time information that help to acquire an in-depth functioning of your company, which will reduce costs and improve your services.

Obtain an in-depth fleet tracking!

Get to analyse your public transport company's efficiency!

Improve your commercial visibility with IRMAPP!

IRMAPP is the perfect tool for any public administration, since it offers real mobility information and helps communicating more effectively and directly with the environment.

Make the most of your taxi by suggesting shared routes!

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IRMAPP studies the efficiency of the public transport companies and organizations' vehicles. Those organizations, when registered as IRMAPP clients, must enter their lines, expeditions and stops' data together with their established locations and times. Only the public transport companies that have registered will have access to these data.

Taking into account the previously entered information and the registered data of movements in real time, the private or public transport company can request an analytic report about the efficiency of one or several lines, or of expeditions during a specific day in terms of times compliance.

Another great advantage for private or public transport companies is the visibility of their routes provided to each IRMAPP's in a personalized way. IRMAPP, at no charge, analyses the users’ regular movements and provides them with suggestions for using public transport instead of their own vehicle during those regular displacements. IRMAPP will show them the line, the departure stop, the arrival stop and the time. To see this information, users must enable the option for public transport alert reception.

imagen taxisharing

imagen taxisharing

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Companies that own their own fleet and are registered as clients on IRMAPP can request a report of one or several of their vehicles during a specific day. This way, they will have their fleet under control in every moment.

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With IRMAPP you can make a request for mobility reports. To do so, the client must be registered either as public organization or professional taxi driver. The mobility report would specify the number of movements made in a determined date, the time intervals in which they occur, their departure and arrival environments (village, quarters, streets, etc.) and their classification according to their regularity.

This way, the public administrations can obtain very important and reliable information, of greater quality than any other similar mobility survey, since it is based on real movements.

Also, taxi drivers are given very valuable information in order to choose routes and/or post taxi sharing alerts.

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imagen taxisharing

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As user of IRMAPP, if you wish, you can obtain a report on your own movements in a specific date. For that, you must register as personal mobility client and make the pertinent request. Under no circumstances will the user obtain a mobility report belonging to other users.

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IRMAPP enhance public administrations' communication capacity, since it allows them to post, free of charge, any information related to public events that they have organized by themselves, or any other information of public interest. These posts automatically are notified to all the users located inside the radius of action indicated by the public administration, provided that those users have activated the alert for public events.

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imagen taxisharing

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Communication ways between shops and clients are revolutionized by IRMAPP.

The options Basic and Premium commercial offers are geolocated and activated only when the users are passing by. Offers will be valid for one year since the day when they are posted.

The option Platinum commercial offers, on the other hand, will be spread only once to all the users that, at the time of its posting, are located within a radius of 100 km.

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• Efficiency Analysis of Public Transport Report: 50€ includes possibility to make as many reports as you wish during up to one month since the payment is completed.

• Company's Fleet Tracking Report: 50€ includes possibility to make as many reports as you wish during up to one month since the payment is completed.

• Mobility Report: 50€ includes possibility to make as many reports as you wish during up to one month since the payment is completed.

• Personal Mobility Report: 50€

• Public Events Information: Free for Non-Profit Organizations

• Commercial Offers Information

 Basic Ad: 1 advertisement during up to 1 year since its posting, geolocalized where the client specifies on the map, covering a radius of 100 m. Price 12€. Promo Offer.

 Premium Ad: 1 advertisement during up to 1 year since its posting, geolocalized where the client specifies on the map, covering a radius of 200 m. Price 20€. Promo Offer.

 Platinum Ad: 1 advertisement geolocalized where the client specifies on the map, covering a radius of 100 km. Price 50€.

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To enjoy the benefits of being IRMAPP client, first you must to register as client. For that, go to the menu "Register" and then enter your username and e-mail. Go to your e-mail inbox to check the confirmation link that will redirect you to the IRMAPP registration site, where you will set your password.

To login, go to the menu "Login" and write your username and password.

Once you have logged in, to access the clients area, go to the menu "Client Access". In this menu, you must indicate the time zone that you are normally going to use with IRMAPP. Then, you can access the following sections:

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Clients must fill in their information in order to make purchases. If the client wants to be identified as well as public organization, own-fleet company, public transport company, taxi driver or mobility manager, must indicate it and make a request to be recognized as such.

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Purchases made are shown in the tab "My Account". In the tab "Shop" you can access to buy ads and/or reports. In the tab "Shopping Cart" you can verify the products to be bought before completing the payment. Finally, in the tab "Complete Purchase" you can complete the payment.

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According to the type of purchase made, clients will be able to start managing.

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Basic and Premium options allow posting advertisements up to 200 characters. This kind of Ads are activated when passing by at a distance of 100 m and 200 m respectively, and have a duration of one year. Platinum is another option for posting ads, but in this case these are geolocalized and will be received by all the users that are located within a radius of 100 km. This kind of Ads are spread only once, at the time of its posting.

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In order to post events, first clients must login as public organization. They can do that in "Client profile", pressing the button "Public Organization". Clients will indicate on the map the event's main venue, the radius of action (in metres) and a description about the public organization it represents. Once this information has been verified, clients will be allowed to post as many events as they wish during a limited time.

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First of all, you must fill in the required data for the client's profile in the section "I belong to an organization", then permits must be requested in order to login as public transport company. Then, you must enter the following data: Vehicles (you must identify each vehicle with a username and a password), Stops (you enter an identifier for each stop and its location), Lines (you create public transport lines), Expeditions (each line is associated with a group of expeditions, each of which must be specified), Expedition route (expeditions are associated with stops and passing points, as well as with the expected passing time at every stop). Reports: You can check the efficiency of a specific vehicle by comparing it with the time it spends for that expedition.

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When you fill in the section "I belong to an organization", permits must be requested in order to login as own-fleet company.

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Only public organizations, professional taxi drivers and private companies' mobility managers will have access to these reports. In order to get them, clients must first login as any of the aforementioned, then edit their profile and finally make a request.

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These reports are available for individual users that request it. These users must register as clients in the IRMAPP website. The only requirement for having access to these reports is that the email they gave when they made their registration as clients matches the email they gave when they registered as users. The email must be exclusive.

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Download here the application, for Android and iOS.

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